Friday, January 30, 2009

Sadie's 2 month check up and First Week Back to Work

2 Month Check up
Sadie weighed 12.5 lbs and was 22 1/2 in. long. I personally think she was measured wrong, but oh well. For weight she was in the 75th percentile, and 50th percentile for her height. Her SHOTS!!!! Oh my gosh... She cried like crazy and so did I. The nurse offered me a tissue on the way out, and said, "It's way harder on mommies, isn't it?". I literally bawled. She took that deep breath, didn't breath for like 3 seconds and then let out the most horrible blood-curdling shaking and purple faced scream... It killed me, ripped my heart out!!! I put her in her seat, she quieted down pretty quickly... She fell asleep on the way home. That evening, she was so docile. She just stared at the wall. Didn't play, didn't kick, didn't wiggle... just stared at the same picture on the wall. Later on, after she ate, she got really wiggly and playful. She ended up sleeping from about 10 to 5:15 am. WOW! Good sleep!!!

First week - Sadie did great. Mommy - not so much. That's all I have to say!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SNOW DAY!!! Mommy gets to stay home and play with Sadie... and mess up her new schedule!

Just a few of the most recent pics of my baby daughter... She's a whole 2 months old now. TIME TRULY FLIES!!!!!
So today school was cancelled! Ice, Ice Baby....dum dum dum dududumdum.... I know, a bit quirky... So anyway... We played a lot this morning after her 5:45 am feeding... I was hoping she'd sleep until 7, b/c we were still thinking I had to be at work at 10. So about 6:30, it was decided (only b/c Dallas ISD was out, too) that we were out today. She woke up again around 9:45 to eat... I'm trying to get her on a 1, 4, 7, 10 feeding close. She's completely fussy today b/c I don't have any kids running around here to entertain her. I think she thinks Mommy is boring now. :(
Doesn't matter, she tuckered herself out crying, so now she's down, and I HOPE she doesn't wake up before 1. We'll see how that works out.
Last night, she slept from 8:15 ish to 2:45... a WHOLE HOUR longer than the night before... So...I'm trying to get her to eat her last meal at 7 in the until 9ish and sleep sleep sleep until hopefully 4 or 5. This was her Daycare "Nana's" idea... I like it! Hope it doesn't take long to get her on that schedule... No better day to try than today, though... Just me and her... Daddy had to be at work by 10 (thanks Jon!).
Speaking of Craig driving to work and on ANOTHER note... Picture this... (this is the ONLY thing that got me through my first day of work). Craig is driving a rental car right now (he got rearended last week...nobody hurt, another story). The ONLY car they had for him.... Wait for it... A BLUE VOLKSWAGON BUG!!!!! hahahahahahahaha..... is that not the funniest picture in your brain? Every time I thought of him on Monday in that little bitty car, I thought of how funny he must look driving it, getting in it, getting OUT of it... I pictured one of those really tall clowns with stilts on getting out of it... It truly is the ONLY thing that helped me get through that day... I laughed out loud every time I thought of it!
So this morning, it took him 20 minutes to get that sucker thawed out enough to drive to work... AND it's standard. I wasn't crazy about him driving it... WHY he took it and not mine, I'll never know... hmmm... just thought of that! Crazy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I was so concerned yesterday when I got Sadie home from daycare...she slept and slept and slept...all the way to her 6 pm feeding. She slept about another 45 minutes after that... I thought, "Oh Lord, we're NEVER gonna go to bed tonight!"... HOWEVER... she woke up and we played and played until she tuckered her little self out. I've never seen her just doze off like that while we were playing... So, I thought, "I guess if she's that tired, I'll just put her down and see how long she stays out." I put her down about 8:15... I, myself, decided to just fall asleep in the recliner. I just knew she'd wake up soon... I fell asleep around 9, and I did not hear her until 1:30. I was BLOWN AWAY! I had slept for almost 4 1/2 hours, she had skipped her 9 pm feeding... I got up, fed her, went to my REAL bed and put on pajamas (I was still in my work clothes)... and heard her again at 4:40... I let Craig get her... I got up at 5, took a shower, got myself ready by 6... I actually had some sit and drink coffee while on Facebook time. She stayed awake from 4:40 to 6: 15. So I layed her in her swing until it was time to take her to daycare...
Thankfully, she's doing the EXACT same thing she did yesterday... sleep! So with any luck, she'll do the exact same thing tonight... I'm not holding my breath, though!!! Just thought I'd share my small victory! SLEEP!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

First Day Back - Sadie's First Day of Daycare (School...)

Okay, so I lost it last night while I was feeding Sadie...just looking at her and thinking I'm not going to get to just stare at her all day and play with her... Craig walked over and made me feel semi-better... He made it a point to say, "There are going to be a lot of firsts that are going to be hard. First day to kindergarten, graduation, going off to college, etc...". Thanks really just made me more sad that I have to watch her grow up.
Sadie would NOT go down last night. I put her down at 10:40, she woke up at 11:30. We stayed up until 12:30, so I fed her. I thought for sure she'd take the bottle and go right down. She fell asleep on my shoulder, snoring and all... I put her down, eyes wide open!! We did this 7 times...not a fun game when mommy is exhausted! And stressed about going to work... I really think she sensed my stress and frustration, and so she decided to carry it on out for me. I tried letting her lay on my chest to go to sleep, no way! So...I took her into the living room and put her in her swing, I fell asleep in the recliner, and for a while she just made her little grunting noises and finally went to sleep. My alarm went off at 5:30, Craig came in to ask if I needed to get up... uh YEAH! Unfortunately, I did... So, I quickly got myself ready. I was ready by 6, and fed Sadie. We left the house at 6:35, and got there at 6:50. I teared up just a little on the way, and prayed for strength to get me through the dropping off process and my day. I took her in, got her situated, went back out and got all of her stuff (diapers, wipes, formula...) taken in. Thankfully, she stayed asleep, b/c I absolutely love watching her and playing with her when she's awake, and I think it would've ripped my heart out if she'd been awake. I kissed her, and walked out as fast as I possibly could. I did not cry...I called everyone I could think of that would be awake to keep my mind off of it or just to talk. I got to school, and everyone was so sweet and seemed truly happy that I was back (especially my kids...they did not have a good sub experience...). I didn't really have time to think about how much I missed her... I felt like a fish out of water... So lost, no plans, just clueless. I muttled my way through the day... and my sweet team let me leave at 3:15...and I finally got to pick her up at 4 ish. She's been asleep since... good gracious. "Nana" said she was the "perfect baby" all day. She watched the other kids play and really got excited to watch them run all around her. She ate well, she even took a poopy! She felt right at home I'm sure. I'm also sure she's exhausted from our late night last night. Lord, help me through another night... I don't believe I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow if we have the same night. Poor Craig has a sinus infection, so he was feeling like poopoo.
I'm convinced it WILL be better!!!
I got home and had a bunch of sweet notes on my Facebook telling me good luck and that they were thinking and/or praying for me. Thanks guys... good friends are what gets me through!!!! And a good husband too...

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's been a while...

SADIE's first cold...
Sadie came home with us on Sunday from Houston and was exhausted and slept pretty well that night. The next morning, she sneezed (nothing abnormal), but then coughed a few times after that... That was different. She sneezed again about 5 minutes later, 4 times in a row, then had a major coughing attack...she couldn't catch her breath it seemed...and then she gasped for air. Scared me to death. I felt her little head, she was warm. So I took her temperature using the pacifier from American Red Cross, it came out as 99.8. I called her doctor, she said to just watch her and make sure she sleeps with a humidifier. If her temp gets above 100.4, to call her back. It never did. In fact, it went right back down to normal. Soo..... she still has a snotty nose, and coughs. And when she cries, you can hear her little raspy voice... so she's basically given herself a sore throat from coughing and crying. It's not been a fun week...
With THAT said, she hasn't really SHOWN that she's sick except for her sneezing and coughing. The crying only comes when she's sleepy... and doesn't want to take a nap. Here are a few pics of her at Meme's house this week (mommy was at a band rehearsal with her Godmommy for our concert coming up in March). She's sitting on my lap before we go home to daddy.

And this is with a cold!!!
Feelings about going back to work:
I can hardly write this without getting a lump in my throat... I am beside myself. I know she's in good hands. Her daycare "Nana" will take very good care of her... I'm not sure which feeling is worse: having to go back to work? or having to leave her to go back to work?
I know that my class won't give me much time to think about how much I miss her during the day... I called up to the school on Wednesday, 3 of my kids were in the office. I have a feeling they're thinking that I'm going to be the same ol' teacher I was when I was pregnant...HA! They have NO IDEA what they are in for... A sleep deprived mommy with less patience than I did before... but with no high blood pressure to worry about. They're going to hope and pray my sub comes back... from what I've heard, they've eaten her alive. Poor little things, they're gonna give me a hug, and I'll hug them back, but when it's time to learn...they're in for a ride!
Feelings about getting to get back up on stage and sing:
YEA!!!! February 1st is my first day back...I'm so excited to get back up's been REALLY hard to sit in the congregation and sing. I have truly missed it, and the praise team, and the band... Can't wait.
On that note, OneWill is getting back into the swing of things as well... We have a concert coming up in March in honor of Melanie Goodwin. It's going to be amazing!
I will let you all know how things go next week... but don't expect it on Monday, I'll be too busy lovin' on my sweet baby!!!
Sorry it's been so long! I'm going to post some pics from the last couple of weeks. :)
First time in the bumbo...doing pretty well all by herself!
I got about 15 happy pics in a row this day, but this one was my favorite!
We read Curious George Makes Pancakes, she loves her Curious George!!
Mommy put gel in Sadie's hair... it held for a little, then became one huge bouffant after a while... oh well.
Another happy baby pic... I had to put this one on, too!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

News Flash...this just in...

Sadie has gone to bed at a "normal" time 3 nights in a row, and has slept anywhere from 4 to 6 hours at a time... It's happening... (drumroll please.....)... SHE'S GETTING ON A SET SCHEDULE!!!!! Now...if we could just KEEP this going... We're driving to Houston this Friday for her DEBUT to all of Craig's Houston family and friends (and my dear friend Lacy who I'm DYING to see and her adorable little boy Julian!!!)... However, WE WILL stop when it's time for her to eat!!! If leave in the morning, and she sleeps most of the way (which she will, we can't even get to church 3 minutes away without her falling asleep), she will hopefully be really playful when we get there.
We're really excited to see how she does on her first road trip!!!
I tried posting some video of her big of a file... grrr... So now I know to keep video to less than 30 seconds... Hopefully I can get some good video this week.
Just wanted to let you in on my fun news!!! I actually feel rested today...WOW!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Interesting week with Miss Sadie...

So, just when we felt like Sadie was getting into the groove of things, she turned for the worst on Wednesday...I already wrote about that... But Thursday, the little girl was ADORABLE and SMILING and PLAYING like crazy all day... She went down at 11:30 ish... slept until 4:30... pretty good, I think. But stayed up for a while with gas, we finally went back to sleep at about 6:45...I decided to let her sleep as long as she wanted to... we got up at 8:45. So she still ate at 9 like normal...yea! But she was WIDE awake until 1 pm - FOUR HOURS... fussy, fussy, fussy... she did NOT want to play. She wanted to fuss...that was it. Finally, she went to sleep...and I woke her up at 3 to feed, went right back to sleep until 5ish. She ate at 6, and pretty much stayed awake until about 8:30... ate at 9:30 - just a little while ago - and we put her down at 10. She's still in there... not a peep from her... well maybe a squeak here and there...but no crying. I thought tonight would be HORRIBLE...b/c she slept so much today... I dunno... Maybe she truly is coming into a schedule... I pray that's what she's doing!!!
Here are some pics from yesterday and today. Yesterday was a BLAST! Today, not so much... :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sadie's 6 weeks old today...

Mommy and me - my first time to wear a barrett... Have to control the hair somehow! :)

Yesterday morning... happy little baby at 6 AM. We ate at 5, played from 5:45 to about 7 ish... She loved her little bug...her little eyes just followed it everywhere.

The struggle and the blessing:
I thought that listening to my child crying at night would get's not. I'm trying a whole new strategy with Sadie this week. The "Baby Wise" book is GREAT!!! But just when I feel so proud of Sadie and myself for making through a couple of great nights... she pulls another all nighter. We are on such a crazy rigid schedule...I'm trying to get her on it before I go back to school and before she goes to daycare... She's eating every 3 hours. She wakes at exactly the same time every morning...whether she's sound asleep or not, I wake her.
Just when I think she's quieted down, I lay down, and 3 minutes later... the screaming starts back up. As I write at this very moment, she's next door, just screaming her little lungs out... b/c she can't pooh, or she has gas and can't get it out. She ate at 9, here we are at 11... We will have to feed again at 12 b/c she's still up.
2 nights ago, we had a perfect night. Her first crib experience was just perfect. She went down when she was supposed to go down, she woke up when she was supposed to wake up... We had one feeding at 3 AM and back to sleep she went.
Last night...we fed her at 9, she cried literally to 12. I fed her again, she kept crying. I finally got her out of her crib at 12:30, brought her into the guest bedroom with me, layed her on her tummy...and off she went to sleep...she hates sleeping on her back.
Tonight, I'm fighting that urge with all of the power I have in me... It's killing me to not go in there right now. I know, victory doesn't come without a price or a fight... but come on. I've just learned not to go to bed so soon after she goes to bed... I get so disappointed that I have to get back up like 5 times or more. So now, I just stay up and endure it. And tomorrow, I won't get a nap, like any other day, b/c I'm too concerned with making sure she stays awake as much as possible in between feedings. She's getting an adequate amount of rest during the day, but she stays awake for over an hour and moves and wiggles and shakes all over the place, then takes a short 30 minutes to an hour of a nap... while mommy picks up things, gets on the computer, does whatever to keep sane... talk to as many adults as possible.
I love this child with every fiber of my being...and I'm so blessed to have a healthy and beautiful little girl...and I'm very aware that I'm not the only mom that's fighting this fight. It just feels good to vent sometimes. Again, I'm blessed just to have I'll turn this from a WHINE session to a THANKFUL session... She's breathing. She's beautiful. She's amazing. God gave her to me and Craig with such a confidence...why can't I find that confidence in myself as a mom, though... Prayer is the only thing getting me through the sad times of having a baby.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wet Hair Pics - Saturday, January 3

These were just too cute not to post... Craig wanted to take pics of her curly hair...and of course, she's all mellowed out from her Lavender bath... I let her hair dry just like it was, no combing at all... It went straight with just a small curve at the ends... She looked like the boy off of the Calvin and Hobbs comic strip... BUT WAY CUTER!!! Daddy was pretending to be a High Fashion Model Photographer... telling her she was "gorgeous", "don't move", "look adorable", "keep that profile"... He was being silly... She loves her silly Daddy!!!