Friday, May 22, 2009

It's been a while... nothing huge to report...

watching Mickey Mouse Funhouse
Bath time - Loves the water!
trying her hardest to crawl!

ELMO!!! I missed you so much!!
After eating prunes... amazingly, she loved them... you'd never know it, b/c she wears most of it...

Just some cute pics... Sadie is trying her darndest to crawl... She looks like a little froggy. She's drooling like mad right now... Her bottom teeth are bound to come in any day now... her gums are really sore.
She got a new bath tub the other night. It quacks. When I push the beak, she gets this really surprised look on her face like "Mommy! Do you hear that??" So fun and cute. Man, she really likes her bath...she's fearless. I'm really glad! We want her to get really used to being in water.
She's now officially had ALL of Gerber 1 foods... we started over this week on squash and again on peaches. She is getting used to the peaches... She didn't like them at first.
She's sitting up a lot better and stays up a lot longer now. She's bound to start crawling soon...
I'm really trying to get Craig to upload some video for me that I can start putting on here... hopefully soon.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're sitting by ourself...sort of...

I'll add more later...but I wanted to share our newest accomplishment!!
Yea!!!! I'm sitting up like a big girl! She's getting so very strong. She's really learned to lift herself up from lying down in her bouncy and her car seat. She's 5 months - 2 weeks now. My big girl!