Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sadie's first swim lessons...

Sadie started her first swim lessons on Thursday. Jacie is taking them with her, so they can help each other out. Meanwhile, Kristi and I are telling each other to be strong! It was kind of hard to watch my little girl go under water for the first time... the fact that she had her mouth wide open didn't help either. She swallowed a LOT of water...kind of freaked her out, but she got really good at it after a few times.
Later, she got to show off those skills on Friday evening, when Bob and Bee invited us over, which is where she's taking her lessons. So it was familiar to her, and I think she did better and was much more accustomed to the water. Mommy and Daddy are very proud of our munchkin!

My silly little girl showing off her swimsuit.

Miss Paloma, after pulling Sadie off of the side for a "jump".

Miss Paloma telling Sadie to "kick, kick, kick, kick!" to go get the toy.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ireland Pics - towards the end of the trip...patience please. :)

More to come.... it takes Blogger so long to upload 5 pics at a time, then you have to sit and delete all the space between them... here are a few! This is toward the END of the trip... b/c I was trying to outsmart Blogger by putting them in backwards... you can see, I lose again.



About to eat some grub!!!

Beautiful countryside.
Sadie and her boyfriend, Jake, born on the same day.

Jessica, Sadie's new friend...awesome little girl. So helpful! Yes, my husband is in jail...LOL... visited the jail with a couple of friends.
Visiting with Stacy at Jack and Rosemary's for lunch

Sadie just received a new gift, one of many we came home with! Us with one of our girls we hosted last summer, NikiUs with Rosemary and Jack Audley - choir leader for GMYC

Bill,(our host), with Pastor Kilpatrick and his wife. Mimi Wilma (our host) trying to take Sadie away to keep.We WISH Sadie had her own seat... only just while waiting for our new stranger friend to come sit by us... the one we apologized profusely to before he even sat down.

Sadie after being home an hour... knocked herself out!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We're BAAACK!!! Home Sweet Home!

Well, we are back home safely from our Ireland trip! It was absolutely AMAZING! God had a HUGE part! We were in awe of the beauty of their land, He was very much there at every concert we did, and He made sure we got everywhere we needed to go safely! This was HIS trip! Without Him, it would have been oh so bland.
The food was amazing - the only place I've ever been where they serve two, sometimes three types of potatoes at every meal. I was in LOVE! Can you believe we didn't gain ANY weight...WE WALKED SEVERAL MILES per day!!! Otherwise, I'm not sure I'd fit in my clothes to get home. Sadie LOOOOVED the food. She ate off of our plates most meals, especially our desserts. She also had THEIR baby food... in which she gobbled up every time! Her diapers were unbelievable!!! Yesterday, she had FOUR dirty diapers...she's just trying to get it all out of her system! She's probably the one who gained weight! She left a baby, and came back a little girl. She's pulling up on us now and standing!!! She's crawling backwards!! She's sitting longer than ever! We saw her develop more in Ireland than here at home. Her hair even looks like it grew an inch!
She was the STAR of the show EVERYWHERE we went. Even strangers commented that she was "GORGE"...short for Gorgeous. Literally, everywhere! Waitresses, people in the elevator, people in the airport, people on the plane... EVERYWHERE. We know we have a pretty little girl, but boy was she popular. She is SPOILED now! She was held by EVERYONE on our trip. We will have pics soon...we have A BAZILLION to download... be looking out for it!