Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ireland Pics - towards the end of the trip...patience please. :)

More to come.... it takes Blogger so long to upload 5 pics at a time, then you have to sit and delete all the space between them... here are a few! This is toward the END of the trip... b/c I was trying to outsmart Blogger by putting them in backwards... you can see, I lose again.



About to eat some grub!!!

Beautiful countryside.
Sadie and her boyfriend, Jake, born on the same day.

Jessica, Sadie's new friend...awesome little girl. So helpful! Yes, my husband is in jail...LOL... visited the jail with a couple of friends.
Visiting with Stacy at Jack and Rosemary's for lunch

Sadie just received a new gift, one of many we came home with! Us with one of our girls we hosted last summer, NikiUs with Rosemary and Jack Audley - choir leader for GMYC

Bill,(our host), with Pastor Kilpatrick and his wife. Mimi Wilma (our host) trying to take Sadie away to keep.We WISH Sadie had her own seat... only just while waiting for our new stranger friend to come sit by us... the one we apologized profusely to before he even sat down.

Sadie after being home an hour... knocked herself out!

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