Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sadie LOVES those green beans...

Sadie ate an entire 2.5 oz container of green beans the other night, and we're supposed to keep her on the same food for 3 to 5 days... I had to pair them with rice cereal last night just to have more for tonight. She didn't like peaches by themselves, but LOVED them with rice cereal. She really is taking to solids GREAT!! I will have to add pics later....I don't have any on this computer.
She is just a rollypolly now. I will lay her on the floor on her back, walk away, and come back and she will be completely rolled over and hanging out on her tummy. She hasn't quite figured out how to turn over from her tummy yet...those arms keep getting in the way.
She's definitely teething now...slobber is EVERYWHERE. She sucks on her fingers, her feet, her clothes, her socks, any toy she's given... I can't feel anything yet, but I can tell by where she puts her fingers they will be on the top leftish...
She's going to bed on her back and has started waking up every night anywhere from 12:30 to 1:45... She won't go back down on her I have to put her in her carseat to finish the night out. Her breathing at night is not that great either, so she's probably just waking herself up b/c she can't breathe through her nose.
She's really so much fun right now. We are loving all the sounds she's making... high pitched little squeaks and squeals. She's just so darn cute it's hard not to kiss her every time we see her or keep our hands off of her.
5 months is next week...I can hardly believe it! It's going by SO FAST!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter and other amazing things!!

We had a GREAT Easter!!! We absolutely love when we get to go to Craig's Mimi's (Sadie's GREAT Mimi) house in South Texas. We went to a Fish Fry Friday night - YUMMY!!!!! Saw all the family and some friends. Of course, everyone doated over Sadie... She had a blast being the center of attention! She made herself a couple of boyfriends, too. Craig's cousin Kristin's boyfriend, Scott (that was a mouthfull) held her and loved on her, everytime he'd walk up, her attention went straight to him...hilarious.
The next day, we went to see an old friend of the family's, then got ready to go to Craig's aunt's side of her family (so his cousin's cousins house...). We had crawfish and shrimp galore, potatoes, onions, garlic, corn...gracious... a lot!!! We chased each other for an hour with confetti eggs...that was the craziest thing I've ever been a part of (I must not get out much...). It really was hilarious...everyone went crazy chasing everyone else with eggs in hand and silly string. Just nutty.
Sunday morning, we all got ready for church (we missed their 100th celebration by 1 more weekend...wish we could go). Again, everyone at church just went ga ga over Sadie...she just looked absolutely adorable. After church, I had her down in the living room floor - I had a feeling she may turn over - AND SHE DID!!! For the first was awesome!!! I was way more excited than anyone else... oh well... she's been trying for a month's about time!!
We left mid-afternoon to come home and got home around 7 ish. I fed her squash for the first time - SHE LOVES IT!!!! She's really getting good at opening her mouth and swallowing it. She used to just spit it out, but now she's really trying to get every last bit of it off of the spoon. She's such a big girl!
Yesterday, Sadie ran fever due to her teething. She couldn't stay at daycare, so she spent the day at Meme and Papah's... They're convinced she just wanted to see them, since her fever went away after I got her there. :)
Her teeth are not quite cutting through yet, but she tries to eat EVERYTHING! Especially her thumb, upside down...kind of funny to watch.
She also has started to mock me or "ape" me, as my mom calls it. I will slap my hands down on my lap, and then she's a fun game we play! And so so so cute!
I think that's just about it... I'm sure I'll remember something later...
Here are some pics of this weekend!
holding her own bottle!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Adventures...

Last week on Sunday, Sadie started eating rice cereal at her last meal of the day. It's taken until LAST NIGHT for her to get used to it, but I think she's finally getting used to the spoon, and knowing when to open her mouth when it's time for a new mouthful. However, she's truly earned her nickname of "monk" or "munk"... We've always called her Monkey, but now, Chipmunk is in order... she has been storing up cereal in her cheeks, so much later she spits it out... It's hilarious! Of course, we have pictures of our GIANT baby eating like a big girl.
We've also started letting her play in a new toy (passed down to her by her cousin Ethan). The Jumperoo is her new favorite toy - and she's so much fun to watch!!!
Unfortunately, she's been sick again this last week with snotty nose, and now it has gotten into her chest again, so we've started her breathing treatments again. This time, though, she's getting diarhea - and it's all of her phlegm that she's swallowed! YUCK!!!!! Hope you didn't just picture that... believe it or not, it stinks way more than you think it would... So THAT'S all been REALLY fun!!!!
It seems now that every time mommy puts on a new outfit, she must christen it with spit up! So anytime we want a new outfit on her...we have another outfit READY TO GO! :)
She is now starting to LOVE her own voice, and just talks and laughs and makes the most fun sounds... especially when mommy and daddy are watching tv! :)
We're having SO MUCH FUN with her right now, but are so sad that she's growing SO FAST!!!!!