Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Official: WE'RE CRAWLING!!!

And we are INTO EVERYTHING!!! Wow! In one week's time, we have gone from two little crawling steps to all the way down the hall, with a few trips along the way...silly clothes get caught on her knees. It's time for a play pen...if anyone has one that they aren't using right now...we'd love to borrow it!!! I can NOT keep her in one spot!!! She wants to eat the cat food, play with the cat's toys, CHASE THE CAT!! He's a bit freaked out by her he should be. She wants so badly to pull that long tail of his! She's no longer interested in her toys...she wants whatever's in the drawers, cabinets, doors, etc!!! It's fun to watch, but boy am I already tired!!! She's REALLY fast!!!
She's clapping now, too. After her 2nd cousin Rhealyn's 1st birthday party, she decided she needed to learn how to clap like everyone else. She thought maybe she'd get some presents, too... Rhealyn claps, she got a present... Sadie claps, nothing, but awwwww... Funny!

Into mommy's purse!! Whoo hoo, lip gloss and jewelry!
Trying out my new ride... Eeeerrrkkk...slow down!!

Being a cautious driver
La la la la!!! Singing to the radio!!
Look Left!

Honk honk...
Checking out all the stuff on the dash board.


Lacy said...

they are growing too fast!! make them stop

Lacy said...

oh yeah, and welcome to my world the entire summer!!!!!! you would think i would have lost some weight chasing him around but somehow i have managed to keep every pound :) hahahaha
is she pulling up and walking around furniture yet? cuz if not, just wait for all the bumps and bruises and busted lips, those are fun!! NOT