Monday, June 15, 2009

Sadie and her new past time...

Sadie loves banging things together as of I figured, why not? Who needs a quiet household anyway? I gave her a metal bowl, two metal measuring cups, and a wooden spoon...and watched her go to town! She loved it! She was so good at putting in the measuring cup, then taking it out, then eating, then doing it all over again! She's our funny little girl.

She now has TWO teeth, still working on the top ones. These have been tougher on her than the first two... I was hoping they'd come in before we left for Ireland... We still have 10 days as of today... So we'll see.

She had her first ear infection last week... It was caused by her allergies, which were caused by her teething. The fun thing with this one... boogers literally coming out of her eyes. We thought maybe she had pink eye... No. The doctor said her sinuses were SO backed up, that boogers were coming out of her eyes, b/c they had nowhere else to go... YYUUUUMMMYYYY!!! One dose of Amoxicillin, the gunk was gone. I'm a believer!

She's really trying to scooch her way around right now. She definitely finds her way around her crib. One minute she's got her tooshy sticking in the air in the upper right hand corner of the crib, the next minute, she's on her back in the lower left hand corner... kicking the monitor. Lovely sound at 2 AM.

Last night she went down at 9, mommy tried to wear her out...she's been going to bed around 11 or midnight for about a week or so. She was exhausted. However, she slept until 1...and wanted to play. She would not go back down. Really cute sounds coming from the monitor, but not at 1:15, 1:30, puking at 1:45, crying at 2, playing at 2:15... I was utterly exhausted this morning. And b/c Craig goes to work so early, I got her and me ready by myself this morning... My hat goes off to single moms... you guys rock. B/c there are days, I'm not sure I'd know what to do without Craig's help! It was by the GRACE OF GOD that I got up by 6:45, got myself ready by 7:15, woke her up at 7:20, bathed her by 7:30, fed her at 7:40, burped her 3 times (wow for her), and was out the door by 7:57 to go to Daycare. That's all while running my clothes in the dryer to UNwrinkle, making sure the humidifier was emptied. I never got to undo her sheets with puke on them... but hey...I was doing good to do the humidifier.

B/c I'm working Mother's Day Out Summer Camp Mondays and Wednesdays, it's really hard for me to get her to daycare by 8:15, and back up to the church by 8:30. I'm telling you, God's hand guided me all morning. All while feeling as though I needed to puke, as I had caught Craig's bug from last week. I would say I was proud of myself...but it was truly God's hand in it!!!

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